Questions of identity and belonging are the essence of this body of work. Is there a specific place in the world where each individual is meant to be? Can one acquire a new culture, a new sense of belonging? This work is a metaphor for our relationship with physical environments and the idea of belonging. Using different types of movement that are engendered by natural physical forces such as gravity, electromagnetism and inertia, I create meditative toys. Each piece interacts intimately with the holder, who participates in engaging its movement. The delicate motion of each piece is intended to have a mesmerizing effect, which places oneself in a state of introspection.


In motion of captivity, 2013 | Sterling silver, steel, magnets, powder coating


Like the Rock of Gibraltar, 2012 | Sterling silver, steel, mangets


Duet, 2013 | Sterling silver, steel, 24k gold leaf, resin


Tight Rope, 2013 | Sterling silver, steel, silk thread


Funambule, 2013 | Sterling silver, steel, enamel paint


Navigation, 2012 | Sterling silver, steel, gypsum cement, magnets, enamel paint


Tournesol, 2013 | Sterling silver, copper, steel, powder coating, enamel paint


Anchor no. 1, 2013 | Steel, powder coating, enamel paint


Anchor no. 2, 2013 | Steel, powder coating, enamel paint